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About us

Improving the information infrastructure of Brexit, with mission critical intelligence for businesses.

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, Financial Market Intelligence (FMI) has launched Global Britain, Business Strategy for Brexit – The go-to resource for UK businesses, and their trading partners abroad, providing mission critical intelligence that will improve the know-how and management of the transformation process.

Global Britain will set out for businesses what is being negotiated and how, who will be involved in the process, the schedule and timelines, impact and transformative value – of the ongoing policy discussions, regulatory changes, amendments in law, and new trade agreements that will follow.

Providing up to date information and intelligence on the new relationships the UK will establish with EU & non-EU countries and international bodies previously covered by EU trade agreements; what these new agreements will mean for businesses, and how industry can adapt to successfully navigate the process.

Global Britain will unravel Brexit along its critical path, cutting through the nonsense, and bridging the gap between the parliamentary process and best business practice.  Providing industry with a greater understanding of the political process, and ensuring businesses can not only weather the withdrawal, but also capitalise upon the favourable transformative value of Britain’s future trade agreements.

Global Britain will provide industry with the strategic tools required to navigate the three sets of negotiations the UK must undertake to exit from the European Union:

  • Negotiating the withdrawal agreement
  • Negotiating the future UK-EU relationship
  • Negotiating new trade agreements outside of the EU


Global Britain will outline all key developments involved in negotiating Brexit, and systematically assess what the impact of these developments will mean for UK businesses and their EU trading partners; providing crucial information and intelligence from sources such as the UK government.

Through a unique partnerships platform with industry experts including: business associations and trade groups; lawyers, accountants and management consultants; chambers of commerce, think tanks and civil society, Global Britain will provide expert analysis of the impact of Brexit on key sectors, and enable industry to remain ahead of the curve on the important issues, including: cross border trade, EU import tariffs, licensing, international supply chain, migration curbs, trade barriers, regulatory divergence, passporting rights, legal framework, farming subsidies, credit risk, EU litigation, real estate law, M&A, accounting and taxation.

Global Britain will provide essential know-how and intelligence to boost the competence and capacity of businesses. Reporting on the challenges and efficiencies of the process, and the opportunities that will follow the new trade agreements. Improving for industry the management and strategy of the process across key sectors, including: financial services, retail, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, tourism and real estate.

Staying close to the political process as it unfolds, Global Britain will report on the possible shape of future trade agreement within the EU, registering what these new trade pacts will mean, and the solutions and strategies that will enhance industry’s roadmap to critical mass.  Reporting also on the informal trade discussions already underway with at least 12 counties, including: The US, China, India, Australia, New Zealand and Gulf Co-operation Council – that will provide for the continued free flow of goods and services in both directions.


Deliver the go to resource for UK businesses trading abroad, and their foreign trading partners – – in preparation of Brexit, and following the transformation.

Improve transparency and disclosure on the political process, and aid industry with compliance.

Bridge the gap between the political process and best business practice, ensuring industry is informed on the key issues, and geared up for the transformation.

Provide education, outreach and knowledge transfer to scale up know how and proficiency.

Promote an enhanced economic climate following a favourable Brexit deal.

Consolidate the UK’s reputation as a global champion of free trade.

Enhance the competence and know-how of businesses in Britain and their foreign trading partners.

About Financial Market Intelligence Limited

Headquartered in London, Financial Market Intelligence (FMI) is a global multimedia company formed in 2008, specialising in working with governments, quasi-sovereigns, and multilateral development banks to improve information infrastructure, aid capacity building and ensure critical mass across key markets and sectors through the provision of news, intelligence, data, trends, insight and analysis, on topics including ‘Business strategy for Brexit’ ‘Energy transformation Agenda’ and ‘Project Finance in Emerging Markets.’

In association with its partners, FMI produces publications and supporting digital media instruments.  Its parent company One2One Digital is a specialist international digital marketing agency with offices in Chicago, London and Brighton.